About Us

We are a medical assistance company with 20 years of experience , transporting critically ill patients by ground and air ambulances each and  every day . It has been a journey of more than 2 decades and we are still prefer to remain in  this fast lane  .While traveling this journey we have realized that training people in basic first aid is so helpful in the ultimate out come of the medical injury or an accident, that we recommend every human being to learn first aid basics of CPR so that one is helpful to the fellow being ,society at large .

Small things do matter . Let us take a few steps together and learn something worthwhile to save lives and be of help to people around !

Lets go !


Everyone must have basic knowledge of first aid and CPR .

What to do in case of Emergency is the most important thing ?

Weather it is schools or Indian roads , or our workplace , each and every Indian should be trained to provide basic first aid to the injured and should know what to do in case of an Emergency ?

Dr. Satish Bhardwaj
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