Emergency First aid for all age groups

This course is for all of us . Each  and everyone of us should learn first aid . The course imparts basic first aid skills and covers important process like learning the process of “what to do in case if Medical emergency ” .How to call for help . Teaches the candidate variety of skills such as stopping bleeding , splinting and bandages , including Heimlich maneuver.

Course duration : Three hours , which includes hands on training in Dummies .

Trainers are experienced healthcare and emergency services professionals , which do this program as their social responsibility . They also share interesting programs from their day to day life .

For more than 10 candidates the course training can be organised at your venue -within Delhi and NCR .

Topics covered . What to do in case of Emergency ? CPR , Use of AED , Choking , Drowning , Burns , External and Internal bleeding with splinting .Seizures and head injuries . Recognizing Stroke. Recovery position .

First aid course for healthcare Workers .

The healthcare is being delivered at home by home healthcare workers . Ambulance technicians are working out of the hospital and transporting patients to and from home to hospital and within the hospital . This program is made to suit their needs .The course includes essential things such as Basic life support  and the use of AED . Special training is gien to healthcare workers working in the home care settings to learn to prevent aspiration of food  while feeding and what to do in case of aspiration.

Course content : CPR for adults ,children and special recommendations for elderly . Respect and adherence to DNR instructions by family members . Heart attack , Chocking , Anaphylactic shock , Paperwork after resuscitation . Use of AED . And we run a full one hour question and answer session which caters understanding and explanation  to handling common emergencies presented in uncommon ways.

We do train Police and fire workers in first and and CPR . Especially these  courses are done for the traffic police personnel , since the no of accidents on Indian roads is still on the rise . By attending these courses and learning the skill of managing acute emergencies – traffic police personnel can save a life .

For group courses please send us an email.

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