After working with schools providing medical examinations ,advising on safety issues we have understood that knowledge of first aid and its application plays a big role in the
management of medical emergency is designed to enable the teacher & staff to deal effectively with various medical emergencies. The participants learn to identify medical emergencies and the correct response to them. They are thus taught everything one needs to know and support their Students and colleagues in life threatening situations.

We encourage all schools to have minimum 8 class teachers and 20 students to be trained in the School first aid program .

This shall create safe working and learning environment in the school , and give a sense of
responsibility to the working manpower of the school. Equally important is the school medical room , its medical staffing , medical inventory and drugs and disposables . Ambulance services , its availability /need for deployment in the school is need of the hour for various reasons .School authorities generally weigh the financials , of usage and need. But in any given school with the boarding facility the ambulance would always be needed and should be available . All schools must tie up with the local ambulance services and have their nos ready for addressing issues related to emergency medical assistance and need for the transport of the student to the nearest medical facility.Please register for your school health safety – first aid training program for students and class teachers and send us an email and we shall send the dates and we shall revert with the options

You can call on +91-9811412126 /whatsapp to get the information about the dates .

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