Delhi and NCR are having the highest no of Motorcycle riders and bicycle users .This remains as one of the most standard mode of transport . With the growing no of cars and trucks and heavy vehicles , the no of accidents involving two wheelers have increased . Helping the injured in case of motorcycle accident needs to be learned .The Do’s and don’ts are important and need to be understood clearly and learned to provide care .Motorcycle drivers are also first responders in many cases who can be of great help to the injured or the accident victim.
Learning this short training program is strongly recommended for all riders who travel by two wheelers .

How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?

We conduct these courses on almost every Sunday . We have in Delhi many bike riders groups which have been received this training . We complete this training in 2 hrs for the bike riders iin the morning session – out of the class room .Sit down classroom training program takes 4 hrs. These courses can be conducted at the venue and time of your choice . You need to send us a mail request for the same .
You can call on +91-9811412126 /whatsapp to get the information about the dates .

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